Multimedia Designer Required

Multimedia Designer Required

Multimedia Designer

Third & Fork is looking for a creative, talented individual to join its marketing department as a Multimedia Designer. The candidate will develop and design creative video/interactive content for print, exhibition, website, advertisements, and social media.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities
- Provide multimedia design support to the client's requirement
- Create an exciting, engaging, and interactive online experience
- Take brief from clients to prepare the design
- Create visual solutions through the use of specialized and latest technologies
- Brainstorm and mock-up design ideas with cross functional team (including artists, web developers, animators, programmers, etc.)
- Present the framework design/s to the client with description of the idea meant to be communicated
- Make necessary changes in line with the clients demand and the project objectives
- Be flexible to make changes as required by the client or individual project objectives
- Complete the project successfully through independent as well as team effort

Skills and Proficiencies
- Knowledge and skills in graphic and multimedia design and layout
- Ability to present ideas and solutions through effective communication
- Excellent in working with teams and independently
- Responsible and the ability to meet deadlines
- A strong visual and creative sense
- Ability to provide original work
- Capacity to handle more than one project simultaneously
- Excellent knowledge of computer and various software tools
- Confident and smart to deal with the clients
- Strong technical aptitude to learn new software and hardware
- Ability to pay attention to details and be well organized
- Knowledge of the industry and new technologies